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Rheinlander Bakery
5721 Olde Wadsworth Blvd.
Arvada, CO 80002

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For over 50 years now, the inviting aroma of fresh baked German strudels, European style cakes and pastries have been filling the air at our family run bakery in Olde Town Arvada.

Since 1963, Rheinlander Bakery has been dedicated to offering our customers a wide variety of hard to find specialities and unique creative pastries and cakes. Here, you can find all of your favorite memories from grandma's kitchen...kuchen, tortes, sticky buns, strudels and potica as well as delicious napoleons, eclairs, linzer tarts and lots more.

Ed & Maro Dimmer 

The bakery was first established in Arvada's Olde Town by our parents Jakob and Katharina Dimmer in June of 1963.

Ed started in the business by serving customers when he was nine. "Some of my customers today remember me being barely tall enough to see over the counter" Ed says. Customers have also watched the bakery grow over the years.

Rheinlander Bakery's baking has always been intertwined with its owners personal history and when Maro Dimmer survived cancer and found out that she was suffering from celiac disease the bakery's traditional offerings were enhanced and a bakery within a bakery was born.

Sugar Freee, Gluten Free Bakery Goods 

Our alternative lines are as delicious as our traditional but feature sugar free sweeteners and gluten free flours. You will be enthralled with the bakery's blend of traditional and alternative offerings.

In 2002 the bakery added "Sweet Deliverance", our goodies that are sugar free and gluten free. Ed Dimmer has reformulated most of his parents traditional pastry recipes to enhance the culinary pleasures of those who have restricted diets, such as being diabetic, celiac or vegan.

Community Involvement 

In addition to our dedication to excellence in baking we believe in creating jobs for our employees that are enjoyable and offer a good living to themselves and their families.

We believe in giving back to the community that we thrive in, by tithing a percentage of our proceeds. Every year we participate in several fundraisers for:

  • Arvada's local food bank
  • Arvada's Ralston House
  • Susan G. Komen
  • Cancercare for Kids and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  • King Cakes 

    One of our largest fundraisers has been created by us, King Cakes for Katrina, to benefit the recovery from national and local disasters thru the sale of our king cakes. Beneficiaries have been Rebuild East Mississippi, United Way and the Red Cross.

    Leader in the Baking Industry 

    As small business in Arvada we have spent countless volunteer hours supporting our historic downtown, our City's economic and retail development, our local schools and our local chamber of commerce. Today, Rheinlander Bakery has been recognized locally and nationally as a leader in the baking industry. Some of our accomplishments include:
  • The 2012 Best Bakery Winner on the Denver A List.
  • Jefferson County's 2011, 2010 and 2009 Best
  • Bakery by popular vote of Transcript Newspapers
  • Arvada's 2002 Favorite Bakery by popular vote
  • The 2004 Arvada Woman of the year award goes to Maro Dimmer, our co-owner for her Olde Town leadership.
  • 2002 Outstanding Arvada Business of the year, named by the Arvada Economic Development Association
  • 1998 National Leadership in Management Award, by Modern Baking Magazine
  • 1995 Arvada Small Business of the Year, by the Northwest Metro Chamber of Commerce
  • 1994 National Retail Bakery of the month, by "Bakery Production and Marketing" magazine
  • Visit our Store 

    Our greatest honor and recognition is the loyal following of so many of our customers. So join us for a virtual tour of our offerings and come visit us at our beautiful European style bakery where we promise to put a smile in your mouth!


    Ed and Maro Dimmer