Jefferson Center for Mental Health 

Our Sunflower Oreo Cupcake Fundraiser benefited the Jefferson Center for Mental Health in May - Mental Health Awareness Month, we raised $2,300!

To this date this delicious event raises awareness of mental issues in our community and so far we have raised over $13,000.

Choose your favorite: Traditional or Gluten Free

Community Table Cupcake Fundraiser 

In September we hold Community Table's Feed the Future program. This is part of the Arvada Community Food Bank and provides about 1500 children in danger of going hungry, food for taking home on the weekends.
This way they arrive back to school on Monday with full tummies and able to learn again.

The Ralston House - Pinwheels and Cupcakes

We are proud partners with the Ralston House in supporting Child Abuse Prevention efforts!

Everything was different this year and so was our fundraiser!

Even though we are in a crisis mode for the business we still want to do the best we can to support our non-profits which is needed more than ever before.

THANK YOU to our team and our customers, we raised $1500.

PLUS an additional $1000 donation from the Adam's County Sheriff's Department, for a total of $2500!!

From its inception thru 2020, we have now donated over $40,000 to this cause!

Community Involvement 

In addition to our dedication to excellence in baking we believe in creating jobs for our employees that are enjoyable and offer a good living to themselves and their families.

We believe in giving back to the community that we thrive in, by tithing a percentage of our proceeds.

Every year we participate in several fundraisers for:

Arvada's local food bank
Arvada's Ralston House
Susan G. Komen
Cancercare for Kids
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Rheinlander Bakery's Mission is to treat and serve our community.