Every April our bakery begins hand crafting all kinds of enticing seasonal treats for Easter and spring. Get these early as they go fast!

Traditional Easter Cakes

Our Traditional Easter eggs and lamb are as retro as it gets!

Made out of yellow butter cake and iced in our signature Vanilla French Buttercream or a coconut buttercream icing.

Gluten and Dairy Free Easter Cakes

They are gluten free, they are dairy free, even more so delicious to eat! Choose today to guarantee you take home one of these beautiful three. The chocolatiest egg of them all, the beautiful pastel vanilla egg or the whimsical retro lamb or chicken shape cake.

Easter Pastel King Cake Traditional

For your Easter or spring brunches, try one of these wonderful, festive King Cakes with almond, cinnamon or cream cheese filling. Go for the Egg, there's one hidden inside, a great twist on the Easter Egg Hunt!

By ordering one of these festive King Cakes you are helping us raise money for the Red Cross and disaster relief. Whether near by or far away, the Red Cross responds to a disaster every minute of every day. In 2005 they spend years supporting New Orleans, the birthplace of the King Cake after the disastrous Katrina Hurricane, so it is very fitting that this sweet be used to give back!

Hot Cross Buns Springy and Seasonal 

Our famous hot cross buns are handcrafted from scratch with our own very moist yeast dough and filled with our own signature blend of delightful raisins, currants and tropical fruit. They are Sold in packs of 7. They are available daily the 40 days before Easter and there's no need to order!

Easter Ordering Info.  

Please pre-order cakes to ensure getting yours on Easter Saturday.
Cookies are on a first come first served and you should pick some up as soon as possible.
We will be closed on Easter Sunday, but we are open until 6 pm on Easter Saturday.

(pictured: Hand decorated Easter cookies!)