Gluten Free Mardi Gras Party King Cake

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A delicious New Orleans tradition, that originated from the French "Gateaux De Roix". The cake originally celebrated the three Magi that went to visit the baby Jesus and the tradition made its way from France to the Southern US states and eventually became the widely known Louisiana, New Orleans King cake. Our gluten free version is a sweet moist cake like confection with the fillings worked into the dough. It is appropriate for gluten intolerant people as well as celiacs, for we bake it under a strict gluten free protocol. Our owner, Maro Dimmer, is a celiac herself and would like to you to enjoy a Mardi Gras tradition just like you were in New Orleans!

Deliciousness is not the only reason to celebrate this gluten free cake.

Since Katrina struck the South we have tithed the sales of our king cakes to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, wherever the need is greatest, so 10% from the sale of this cake will benefit victims of natural disasters in the US. Over the years we have donated over $35,000 for this cause.

Go ahead treat your Gluten free loved ones and help a disaster victim too! The Red Cross responds to a disaster every 10 seconds!