Check out our new breakfast and lunch selections now available on the weekends!

That's right, we have a full selection of Traditional foods from Sweet Kolaches and Kolache Brats
to Spanakopita and Kraut Burger Pockets!

Weekends mean Kolaches!

Our breakfast sensations are a great hit!

Pronounced “Kuh-lah-Chee”, this unique pastry is wrapped in delicious pillowy yeast dough.

This weekend will be offering:
Eggs, bacon, cheese, or
Eggs, sausage, cheese and green chilies.
Veggie and cheese (mushrooms, onions and peppers).

Can’t have just one? - Great news as you can now pre-order by the 6 pack online (or over the phone)
and pick up on Saturday or Sunday in our store, fresh and delicious!


Available Pickup Dates

Sweet Kolaches

Weekends are for Kolaches! You'll love our sweet cream cheese and poppy seed Kolache.

They will be available weekends on a first come, first served basis.

Don't miss it!

Price:  $27.98

Available Pickup Dates

Here by popular demand - Kolache Brats!

Weekends are for Kolaches! Now available Texas style. A German sausage with cheese, wrapped in our yeast dough.

They will be available weekends, Don't miss it!.
Comes in 4 pack.

Price:  $21.98

Available Pickup Dates

New Spanakopita

We promised a summer of savory fun - come try Maro's Greek Spinach and Feta turnover!

One of our owners Maro, is from the island of Cyprus. You have had her sweet baklava recipe for years now, so come try this savory delight, known across the world as "Spanakopita". It is vegetarian too.
Comes in 4 Pack.

Price:  $18.98

Available Pickup Dates

Kraut Burger Pockets

A classic German Czech food, our Krautburgers are made from scratch every weekend. We'll be selling our Kraut Burger Pockets hot out of the oven, order now!
Comes in 4 pack.

Price:  $21.98

Available Pickup Dates