Baked goods make great gifts!!!

Join us this holiday season to purchase our Christmas menu of delicious gifts. We have a large selection of European treats ready to go including our famous stollen, fruitcakes, yule logs, and more.

Our stollen is cutely packaged and ready to give as a gift to your family, clients and loved ones. This holiday bread is our personal choice for a gift as it is a German tradition that originated in the City of Dresden. It was so popular that it raised money to built a Cathedral!

At Rheinlander Bakery we use 100% butter and we soak delicious real fruit in a variety of alcohols to make it authentically true. All for under $20, quality made affordable.

More than ever, now is the time to indulge in delicious treats, life is too uncertain to compromise quality!
Our bakery is here to help in any of your holiday baking needs!
Visit our holiday goodies to see what's already available!

Ready to gift?

Our printed old fashioned gift certificates in a beautiful envelope make a great gift.

We can write the gift certificate in any amount over $5 you want to spend.

We are recommending that you give these out early, so your loved ones get a chance to stock up on holiday goodies.

It's the best way to acknowledge your colleagues, family and friends and a great way to say thank you to our first responders. Thanks for shopping local!