TRADITIONAL: Large Mardi Gras King Cake


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Store Pickup:
We offer you two sizes to fit any party. You only need to pre-order the large size as we have the standard one on hand every day in generous quantities.

Please allow 24 hours notice for your order to be completed by our bakery chefs. Our king cake comes adorned with the colors of the Mardi Gras: Green symbolizes Faith, Purple symbolizes Justice and Gold symbolizes Power. We provide you with the baby king, beads and a fancy booklet providing the king cake story!

Remember, our king cake is not only delicious, it is the King Cake that Gives! We donate 10% of all proceeds from these to the local chapter of the Red Cross for Disaster Relief, an honorable tradition since 2005. Our Mission is to treat and serve our community! Find out the powers of the gift giving concept embodied in the king cake itself.

So Far, we have donated over $32,000 to disaster relief by donating a lucky 7% the proceeds from king cakes we sell to the Red Cross disaster relief fund, wherever the need is greatest.

King Cakes date back to the middle ages and are celebrated in many cultures in different forms around the world. The famous Mardi Gras King originated in France where it's known as the "gateaux de roix". The King cake celebrates gift giving by reference to the three wise men that brought gifts to the baby Jesus. The cake hides a little charm, that symbolizes the gift. This charm was originally a bean or a nut and in some cultures a coin. When the French influence spread in Louisiana, the King cake was adopted as the official Mardi Gras confection.

It's personality has been made more festive over the years with the addition of the three Mardi Gras colors: Purple to stand for Justice, Green to stand for Faith, and Gold to stand for power.