Cupcake Therapy for the Month of May!

In honor of May being mental awareness month we have partnered with the Jefferson Center for Mental Health to create Cupcake Therapy. Our goal is to raise awareness for mental illness and begin to heal the stigma that comes with it. Come rain or shine, cupcakes always bring a smile. Indulge this month!

Every time you buy one of these cupcakes we are donating a $1 to the Jefferson Center to support their programs. The Jefferson Center has 17 locations in our county. Each year Jefferson Center for Mental Health makes a difference in the lives of thousands of community members struggling with mental health disorders: They offer mental health first aid, crisis lines for suicide and ways to overcome substance abuse as well as clinics for treatment. Last Year they helped over 32,000 clients. Our cupcake therapy comes both traditional and gluten free dairy free. Stop by the bakery to treat yourselves and your community.